Wise Insights Platform (WIP)

The power of scalable server analytics has arrived in a simple desktop package. The Wise Insights Platform (WIP) is a high performance Apache Spark powered data science workbench for available for both Windows desktops (zero infrastructure footprint) and Linux servers. We’ve curated the best Spark and Python packages and configured them into a simple, no additional download, and no admin rights required deployment. If you’ve been wanting to try out the latest big data technologies like Spark, but are struggling with the complexity of get it all working, give it a try for free.

WIP package contains the following up-to-date and pre-configured components:

  • Apache Spark 2.4
    • Many of the best PySpark packages including spark-excel, spark-sas7bdat, spark-sftp, spark-netflow, GraphFrames, Spark-NLP, and spark-infotheoretic-feature-selection
  • Apache Zeppelin 0.8.1 (including additional Helium plugins)
  • Python 3.6
    • SciPy, NumPy, Scikit-Learn, and many other relevant data science Python Packages