Open Source Advanced Analytics Solutions

As deep Spark domain experts, our team is uniquely positioned to design and build, simple yet powerful tools to address common challenges in Data Quality and Cleansing, Predictive Analytics, and Model Governance. These tools are built on top of our industry leading Wise Insights Platform (powered by Apache Spark) :

  • MatchBox –  Is a comprehensive high performance data quality tool for matching, standardization and entity resolution. It can automatically process address, personal identity and business name data.
  • PreVisoA business forecasting tool for developing large scale hierarchical forecast models. It includes model reconciliation and monitoring capabilities.
  • ModelEyes –  A tool to simply the model monitoring and governance processes. Provides standardized reports for assessing the stability and validity production models.

Packaged Industry Solutions

Building on our powerful Wise Insights Platform and our industry leading tools, we have a number of unique packaged industry offerings that help our clients get the most value from their data.

  • GuardDog – A full featured security intelligence suite. It includes business rules, anomaly detection, predictive models, network analysis and investigative capabilities.
  • LogHaus – A log ingestion and data warehousing solution. It efficiently transforms log files or streams into highly structured data for reporting.

Customized Client Solutions

We also offer a wide range of custom solutions specifically tailored to our customers needs. Examples of customized solutions we have developed for our clients include:

  • Marketing And Customer Intelligence
  • Automation
  • Optimization
  • Risk
  • Reporting And Data Visualization
  • Financial Crimes And Compliance