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Founded in 2015, by renowned Data Scientist Ian J. Ghent, WiseWithData’s mission is to Ignite Open Analytics. Ian, with over 2 decades of industry experience, had based his career on using the leading enterprise analytics language at the time, SAS. Before founding WiseWithData, Ian worked at SAS, leading the global roll-out of cutting edge industry solutions he invented.


In discussions with global customers, it was apparent that many were no longer satisfied with their decades old proprietary technology platforms. They saw peers leveraging open data platforms with astonishing results. Increasingly, they yearned for more freedom, performance and functionality. Having been a fan of open source software since the 1990’s, Ian saw a tsunami of change was upon the whole industry, not unlike what had happened with Linux. The shift to Linux sparked entirely new technologies and industries like virtualization, containers and Cloud computing. That shift for analytics would forever democratize the field, to the benefit of all humanity.


Ian and his colleagues saw the awesome potential behind one open source technology in particular, Apache Spark and PySpark, its Python interface. With data processing performance 100X+ that of anything else in the market, along with simple powerful API’s, they knew PySpark was the future for collaborating and innovating with data, big or small. Being experts in legacy analytics technology, WiseWithData set off on an ambitions journey to become world leading experts in PySpark. 6 years later, WiseWithData is recognized by its customers and partners as masters of PySpark. Meanwhile, Spark has become the undisputed de-facto analytics platform, with support from all leading technology players (Databricks, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, etc.).


WiseWithData’s mission is simple, help companies embrace Apache Spark, and support them through the transition from legacy analytics. To that end, they developed the SPROCKET SAS to PySpark migration solution. SPROCKET is the World’s only proven solution to convert SAS code to native PySpark DataFrame code with over 95% automation. This unique offering is the key for customers to succeed in modernizing their analytics technology.



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