Founder and President

Ian J. Ghent – Founder and President of Wise With Data Inc.


Ian is a data science and data engineering guru with over 20 years of industry experience. He has a strong background in Apache Spark and legacy SAS based analytical solutions. His formal training comes from an Honours Computer Science degree from Lakehead University, along with multiple technial certifications. His broad expertise, has been leveraged by many clients in the government, financial, software, retail, health care, and telecom sectors in Canada and abroad. He has a wealth of experience developing data integration, data warehousing, automation, reporting, and statistical and analytical applications. His past includes 5 years at SAS Institute Canada, working with a large variety of clients from different industries, along with 3 years at Capital One Canada working as a data scientist. Since founding WiseWithData in 2015, he has served as President and CEO, and maintains active role in the design and implementation of our analytical solutions.

Publications and Proceedings

NIHB Pharmacy Surveillance System (2014)

Faster results by multi-threading data steps (2010)

Executing a Stored Process in SAS DMS/Batch by Interfacing with Metadata Server (2009)