As early adopters in Business Analytics, the banking industry has seen the tremendous benefits that come from analytics. WWD has extensive experience in analytical projects supporting the banking industry. Our founder, Ian J. Ghent learned from the leader in banking analytics, Capital One, on how analytics can drive disruptive innovation into the banking sector.  We see analytics as a core part of the banking world supporting the following areas:

  • IFRS9 Compliance
  • Marketing
  • Enterprise Risk
  • Credit Risk
  • Collections Optimization
  • Operations
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Fraud
  • Anti-Money Laundering

Many banking companies have very old legacy analytics systems, many of them powered by SAS, a software product developed in the days of the Apollo moon landings. Our SPROCKET Automated SAS To PySpark conversion service can quickly bring your organizations analytics into the 21st century.