Experts in Apache Spark

WiseWithData was created to provide clients with intelligent automation and analytics solutions that achieve their goal in becoming data driven using open source infrastructure.

Our clients enjoy the ingenuity that comes with a top-quality company along with the nimbleness of a smaller consultancy and benefit from our ability to tame complexity. We consult and advise clients on world leading open source options that achieve transformation – simply & efficiently.

Experts in SAS to PySpark Migration

We saw a need to help clients convert away from legacy, so we built a product that automates SAS to PySpark code conversion – its simple, fast & accurate.

We continue to innovate with open source technologies everyday.

Our versatile team of data scientists work with the following values top in mind:

  • Strive for creative excellence, keeping automated solutions simple & easy to deploy
  • Deliver & show value early, then scale to complete and achieve objectives
  • Act with respect, integrity and commitment while maintaining a focus on environmental sustainability

We have developed solutions for some of the more complex challenges faced in the industry – i.e. analytical governance and resource optimization – as well as the basic ones i.e. supply and demand forecasting.