WiseWithData partners with OttawaMakesPPE, a group of volunteers working closely with Ottawa-area health organizations and the maker community to get approved PPE – personal protective equipment – in use by people on the frontlines.
Ian J. Ghent, President, and Connor Boyd, Sr. Data Scientist at WiseWithData quickly got on board to start developing the Prusa RC3 Face Shield for local healthcare providers. The Prusa RC3 is an open source face shield anyone with a 3D printer can print.   The Prusa model of face shield is a simple visor design that uses an 8 1/2″ X11″ face shield in either portrait or landscape format.
Ian and team were able to make and deliver a batch of 48 units, in just under a week and will continue to make more.
Do you have a need for a PPE that hasn’t been identified on the OttawaMakesPPE site?
Please contact us @ hello@wisewithdata.com
Want to donate because you don’t have a 3D printer?  Please contact: https://ottawamakesppe.com/pages/donate