October 20, 2017 – Ottawa, Canada: Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has engaged WiseWithData to develop a risk screening system for their various programs, starting with Electronic Travel Authorizations (ETA). IRCC will leveraging the WWD GuardDog suite of technologies, to provide enhanced risk screening for ETA applications. Through a combination of business rules, anomaly detection, predictive models, and network analytics, GuardDog will deliver high quality results to lower the cost of delivering the ETA program, by allowing low risk applicants to be automatically approved for an ETA, while also providing clear evidence to investigators to turn down high risk applicants.

WiseWithData has been the go-to resource at Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) demand forecasting models for the past 3 years. The forecast models have shown to drastically improve IRCC’s capabilities with a 300% reduction in forecast variance over previous models. Having proven our deep technical expertize with forecasting, IRCC considers WiseWithData a key analytics partner.

About WiseWithData

WiseWithData are leading experts in Apache Spark and legacy SAS based analytics. Our mission is to leverage the power of Apache Spark to Ignite Open Analytics for our customers. With deep knowledge of all aspects of business analytics, we are dedicated to helping customers get the most from their data assets. We offer consulting services for data warehousing, reporting and BI, forecasting, predictive modelling, natural language processing and simulation systems. We have deep domain experts in Fraud, Compliance, Anti-Money Laundering, and Security Intelligence solutions for the banking, government, healthcare and insurance sectors.

About Service Canada

Service Canada is the program operated by Employment and Social Development Canada to serve as a single-point of access for the Government of Canada’s largest and most heavily used programs, such as the Social Insurance Number, the Employment Insurance program, the Old Age Security program and the Canada Pension Plan. Service Canada centres also accept applications for Canadian passports.