WiseWithData was formed from a desire to serve clients better. While we have seen many successful solution implementations, we have also seen the need for a more rigorous approach that is lacking with traditional analytics software vendors. Within very large vendors, client requirements and needs can take a back seat to internal needs for billable utilization and profit. Established vendors can get away with this approach because they rest on their long-standing reputation, which takes years to erode. We think this is the wrong way to build a sustainable business, and that is the motivating factor behind the formation of Wise With Data.

Our core values can be summarized into these four concepts:

Simplicity And Automation

Simplicity needs to be at the very core of every analytical solution, as complex solutions are hard to understand, maintain and lead to errors. Though not intentional, many solution providers are not properly motivated to provide the simplest solution possible, as complex solutions mean more billable time and profit in the short run. The only way to make a solution simple is to automate as much of the manual work as possible.

Creative Excellence

Data science is as much art as science. A scientifically rigorous approach to analytics is very important, but there are often gaps in the solution path, requiring creative leaps in order to bridge them. Without fostering that creativity, project teams can fail due to data quality or lack of options to move forward.

Quick Time to Value

Clients must have faith that a vendor will be able to deliver the value that was agreed upon. It is critically important that a client be able to see meaningful movement towards that goal as quickly as possible. It must not take 6, 12, or 18 months of effort to get to a point of realizing some value from the solution. The main priority for any first phase implementation is to show value quickly.


Short-sightedness is the worse mistake made by any person, organization or project. While we make meaningful short-term movement towards goals, the larger picture must never be forgotten. Sustainability to WiseWithData encompasses the need to show leadership for all goals which are not immediately measurable, but which will have profound impacts to the business in the long-term.

We include environmental leadership as part of this overall objective, as our organization will cease to exist without a properly functioning environment. We are taking many strides to show leadership on this front, such as encouraging employees to opt for more environmentally friendly options for commuting. In addition, we will not help any organization or industry which are actively engaged in working against global environmental goals, such as the fossil fuel industry.